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PLANT-TABS - Slow Release Fertilizer Tablets 

- Plant food for the whole growing season

- A powerful concept for long lasting plant nutrition 

- Timed-release fertilizer 

    Once these PLANT-TABS are applied into the soil they gradually release their nutrients simply by themselves according     to the needs of the plants, while the plants are watered in a usual manner.

PLANT-TABS are highly convenient and effective as well as economic and environmental friendly. PLANT-TABS represent a plant food which is recommended both for professional application (plants production, horticulture, landscaping etc) and for hobby gardeners as well. 


Round shaped, solid compressed fertilizer tablets, diam. 25 mm, available as 5,10 or 15 Gramm -size. Mineral fertilizer,          type EC- fertilizer 2003/2003, various N-P-K formulations for different plant-types are available, with trace elements. Free of any chlorine! No harmful elements, free of any heavy metals. Due to its sophisticated concept there is no wash-out effect to ground water when using PLANT-TABS. 

Which plants can be fertilized by PLANT-TABS?

Applicable for all plants, be it small seedlings, in containers, pots, free soil. Can be used for all fruit, blooming and green plants and well as trees, shrubs, hedges. For hobby gardeners: plants on terraces and on balconies as well as for professionals in horticulture/forestry and professional fruit production.

Test-results about the effectiveness

Yes, there are a number of studies done on long term trials measuring the effects of application of PLANT-TABS. Ask us for some of these scientific reports approving the higher yields of fruits, higher growing effects of many plant types like in horticulture, container breeding and in forest nurseries, executed allover Europe, Canada, Middle East, India and China, Malaysia, New Zealand.

This easy application of PLANT-TABS 
Because once the fertilizing is done (1) by inserting
the correct number of PLANT TABS into soil or planting hole, then (2) watering the plant/seedling as usual and thats all! So this is time saving and cost - saving method overall.

What is the intelligence of PLANT-TABS?

Each Tab contains all nutrients necessary for growing and blooming the plants, the elements of the PLANT-TABS recipes have long lasting properties so that the nutrients are available as a stock fertilizer. Nitrogen as a basic nutrient is available in a short, a mid-term and in a slow release form due to its chemical properties. So there is a START- and CONSTANT- nutrition  provided. Furtheron slowly soluble elements are used in PLANT-TABS, all the necessary elements
for plant nutrition are included in recipe.

How to use PLANT-TABS ?

Just put the appropriate number of PLANT-TABS  - according to the size the plant - into the planting pot or planting whole, evenly placed in a circle all around the plant, - see the drawings 1- 5 as an advice. PLANT-TABS always should be covered fully by the soil.

How many PLANT-TABS to be used? Recommended number of Tabs: For small plants: 1 Tab (10 g) per litre of soil in containers or pots, or 1 Tab (10 g) per cm of the stem-thickness or 1 Tab (10 g) per 30 cm height of plant respectively. Apply the foll. pieces of Tabs acc.to plants crown diameter:
0,5 m 5 to 6 Tabs of 10 gr
1,0 m 10 to 12 Tabs of 10 gr
1,5 m 16 to 18 Tabs of 10 gr
2.0 m 20 to 25 Tabs of 10 gr
2.5 m 25 to 30 Tabs of 10 gr
3.0 m 30 to 35 Tabs of 10 gr

How long will the fertilizing work ?


Doing the regular watering of plants

Release time of plant nutrients depends on the biologic activity of the soil and the watering conditions and on the chemotropism of the plant. The minimum time period for which the fertilizing is provided is one growing season. Release time of Plant-Tabs can vary from 5/6 months up to 12 months.


Watering of fertilised plants must be done as usually, humidity of soil must be secured as usual for the plants. After the watering is provided the fertilisers' nutrients are released gradually, being disposable for the plants for a whole long season. So the Plant Tabs will slowly fall into particles by themselves after some time staying in the soil and being watered from time to time.




When is the appropriate time to apply PLANT-TABS ?


Big advantages for PLANT-TABS users

Please start the application at the beginning of growing season.

The release of nutrients does not depend on the temperature of the soil, but depends on watering and the soils activity (chemism).The longevity varies from 5 or 6 months up to 12 months After  5 to 6 months another fertilizing application by using PLANT-TABS can be repeated.


No more complicated mixing of fertilisers - just put in the right number of PLANT-TABS into planting hole or around the roots or do the top dressing - that is simply all. Time and cost saving highly effective method to feed plants. Can be executed by low skilled people too. Results of fertilizing by PLANT-TABS brings a greater number or leaves, higher increments of branches and a higher yield in fruit and blooming effect compared to standard fertilisers.




When handling and storing PLANT-TABS following facts should be considered well:




Please do not dissolve, or grind the tablets before using them!

Broken tabs are no problem - use them according to their rest size/weight -  they still have full fertilising capacity.

No dysfunction or harm is done to your plants or to the soil in case of overdose:

There will be no problem in case of overdosing due to the ingredients contained in Tabs.

PLANT-TABS are non combustible. Store them on a dry & cool place, in closed packages only.Keep them off from children and animals.




Any copying or distribution of this information is subject to allowance!

For full information check our website: www.plant-tabs-eu or email: sales@plant-tabs.eu

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